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Who We Are

We Are DDCO Digital

DDCO Digital, formerly Distinct Design Company, is a full-service mobile-first digital marketing agency focused on promoting growth and visibility for our clients. We start with gaining insights through active listening to our clients and including them in the process of each step. That way, we know what you want from your marketing efforts.

Our team creates distinctive marketing experiences using a balance of creativity and strategy to delight your customers and give you a good return on your investment. And, since we build all our digital marketing for mobile-first, your brand will be seen as intended on all devices.

We believe in hard work and dedication.

What makes us different.

Based on our team’s combined 45 years of experience supporting clients across the United States, we know which digital marketing channels to target and the design aspects that will resonate with your target customers.

We build partnerships.

Our main goal as a digital marketing agency is to help other business owners navigate the complex world of digital marketing. We strive to become an extension of your business. As your partner in marketing, our team continuously monitors the current marketing plan, and we continue to look for new ways to make your brand stand out.

Every business is unique.

We don’t use a cookie-cutter approach. Our experienced marketing strategists take the time to get to know you and your business. Then, we build digital marketing strategies and implementation plans to ensure your company’s online visibility is consistent and positive and that you provide valuable content to your audience.

Marketing is constantly changing.

It’s hard for business owners to find the time to promote their business. Add to that the fact that the world moves too fast to be strict with tactics. Our team stays updated on the latest trends and technologies for marketing your business type, and our tactics evolve with digital marketing’s best practices. As Covid-19 reminded us, while we like to set our tactics in advance, we must stay agile and be able to change direction when needed.

Search engine optimization is complex.

Using SEO to drive traffic to your website takes a lot of work. Our SEO team understands what Google and other search engines require to get the top spot on the search engine results page (SERP). We also stay updated on any changes Google or others make to their search requirements, so you stay at the top of the page. The key to SEO is to stay agile and make adjustments quickly.

Mobile is the future.

Mobile devices account for about 47% of all online traffic in the United States (2022). And U.S. smartphone users spend about 82 minutes daily on social media and websites.

We have watched this trend take hold, and our agency proudly offers responsive marketing to our clients. In all our marketing solutions, we take the time to optimize content & designs for mobile. So, whether a customer visits your website, social media channel, or reads an email from your business, they see your message as intended, no matter their device.

Are you ready to get started? We are!